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General Comments – thank you for your interest in serving our Southlake Carroll Lacrosse Association (SCLA) players and families by volunteering!
We are looking for individuals to serve in positions on our Board of Directors as well as on important committees.   Positions are one-year terms and require attendance at our Board meetings in addition to fulfilling the needs of the position.  Board meetings are once a month and have been held on the third Sunday of the month.  Terms officially begin in Sept, but we just the June-August time period to allow new Board members to shadow outgoing officers. 

SCLA Mission - SCLA was founded to promote lacrosse, to provide the children and families of Southlake, Texas the opportunity to learn the game of lacrosse in a safe environment that provides an opportunity for all players, of all abilities, to develop skills and game knowledge. SCLA will emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play and respect for all. SCLA will work with the community in the spirit of cooperation with the City and the Carroll Athletic Department. SCLA will work to ensure a sound fiscal responsibility in all areas of lacrosse concerning our association.


Volunteers needed for Board and Committee positions

We are seeking applicants for several Board and Committee positions.  If your family has enjoyed their lacrosse experience, please consider volunteering for these positions to help guide our continued growth.

One of the key areas of need is in fundraising.  Fundraising is an important part of our organization and plays a vital role in offering a wide program while keeping user fees competitive.   As SCLA operates outside of CISD Athletics, we pay both the City of Southlake and CISD for usage fees and field rental.  While both Parks and Rec and CISD have been good partners, costs have risen and as our program and needs have grown, this portion of our budget has increased dramatically.  Additionally, we have ongoing equipment needs for balls, goals, gear, goalie’s protection equipment and storage. We also have select, needs-based scholarships which provides playing opportunities to kids who might not otherwise be able to participate.   

Proposed Timeline


We are currently seeking applicants for the following Director positions. 

  • Fundraising Director

  • Finance Director

  • Concessions Director/Coordinator

In addition, we are looking for volunteers for the following Committees:

  • Fundraising Committee

  • New Player recruitment/Used equipment committee.

  • Concessions Committee

  • Communications Committee – particularly Youth


If interested in any of these positions please complete this Online Application


Position Descriptions and Requirements

Fundraising Director

Develop, coordinate and execute the fundraising plan for the year.  Gather ideas on best events for SCLA. 

Chair and build a Fundraising Committee to assist in the various fundraising activities for the year.

Work with other Directors to communicate events and encourage participation.

Deliver fundraising updates at monthly Board meeting.

Finance Director

Maintain SCLA Bank and investment accounts and disperse funds. 

Assist in development of reports and budgets as needed for various Directors and monthly Board meetings.

Oversee accounts receivable and payable process.  Work with independent accountant to assist in preparing annual tax returns.

Quick Book experience is a plus.

New Player Recruitment/Used Equipment Committee
Publicize, gather and coordinate drives for donation of old equipment and provide “loaner” sets of equipment to new and prospective players during the first two-week no risk trial periods of each season.

Concessions Director/Coordinator

Oversee Committee to ensure proper staffing, purchasing, and accounting/cash management for concession sales at North Park (Youth) and Dragon Stadium (High School Boys.)  Develop and modify menu to maximize sales and reduce costs.

Coordinate with Youth Team Manager to properly assign teams to staff concessions stands and be point of contact for any questions. 

Assist Fundraising Director to provide reports on results for monthly meetings.

In addition to the Board positions above, we have three committees to help in these areas:

Fundraising Committee

Assist Fundraising Director to generate, develop and implement fundraising ideas, plans and events appropriate to SCLA families and players and the local communities.  Publicize all fundraising events and functions. 

Concessions Committee

Assist Concessions Director to ensure proper staffing, purchasing, and accounting/cash management for concession sales at North Park (Youth) and Dragon Stadium (High School Boys.)  Develop ideas to increase concession sales, simplify operations and lower costs.  

Communications Committee

Assist Communications Director in growth of the association by positively promoting the SCLA, teams and players through stories, articles, social media and photos.  Develop and execute plans and programs to ensure ongoing exposure of SCLA.   Explore new ways to communicate registration, events, and games inside and outside the organization.   We are especially seeking help for our Youth and Girl's teams.


Benefits of Volunteering

Need another reason to volunteer? In addition to serving our players and families, studies have shown that volunteering builds empathy and strengthens social connections, develops new skills, improves health, lowers mortality rates and depression later in life, and provides a sense of having more time. http://www.forbes.com/sites/nextavenue/2015/03/19/5-surprising-benefits-of-volunteering/



If interested in any of these positions please complete this Online Application