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Fall Box Lacrosse



Youth Boys Dates - FALL 2017:

  • Registration: June - November   Register Here
  • September 18th- Practices Begin
  • September - Inter-league Play Begins
  • Early November - Playoffs Games

The popularity and importance of Box lacrosse for building skills and quick-thinking has been growing. The SCLA is happy to offer an all-local Box Lacrosse program for our Youth Boys.



Bicentenial Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm




6:30-7:30 pm




6:30 - 8:00 pm




6:30 - 8:00 pm/





6:30- 8:00 pm/


Below, Coach Sullivan has shared some of insights on box lacrosse.

Q: How did box lacrosse impact your collegiate career at University of Denver? 

A:  "I have become a big believer in box lacrosse since I was first exposed to it playing at the University of Denver with Canadian standouts such as Matt Brown (current University of Denver Associate Head Coach, and former NLL and MLL player) and Geoff Snider (current NLL and MLL player, 2006 World Games MVP, NCAA record holder for most ground balls in a season). 

Q: Why do you think the popularity of Box Lacrosse is growing?

If you look around the professional leagues or NCAA record books you will start to notice a trend of Canadian and Native American players that grew up playing primarily box lacrosse.  What makes their dominance even more incredible is the fact that they have a small fraction of the amount of players as American field lacrosse and also spend way less time and money on the sport. 

Basically box lacrosse is developing better players with less!  You can't deny these facts and you also can't watch a college game on TV anymore without the announcers talking about box lacrosse and the influence it has on the best players. 

Q: Why does Box Lacrosse work so well for building skills?

The formula for box lacrosse is actually pretty simple: smaller space + less players sharing one ball + less positional specialization + a shot clock to keep the pace of the game fast = more development per player. 

Q: Why did you choose to add Box Lacrosse to SCLA when you came here?

Because it is so good at developing players and skills.  Lastly, with lacrosse becoming more and more year round, at younger age groups, box lacrosse offers a way for the kids to compete in a different environment and keep the game fresh and exciting for them rather than doing the same thing over and over again.

Others share Coach Bart's sentiments - hear Syracuse head coach discuss box lacrosse's benefits. John Desko, whose 211-66 record earns him the top winning percentage of active coaches, feels every kid should play box lacrosse first.